The ultimate TOOLKIT for startups and businesses that want to grow

The ultimatete TOOLKIT for startups and businesses that want to grow.

For the first time everything you need in one place at a price you can afford. IDEA to IPO provides you with important information no matter what stage of the cycle your business is at.

Everything you need in one place for usd $97

*  Explanations, Procedures, Processes & Tips

*  Document Drafts

*  Spreadsheets & Calculators

*  Word, Excel & Powerpoint Templates for you to use

Content that guides you through every step of the journey

Starting with the IDEA

Turn your idea into a profitable business by learning how others have done this and the processes they have used to achieve their goals.

Entrepreneurs The Now And Then

Transforming your Idea into a viable product

Most ideas will need money to move from a concept to something that someone will invest in. Learn how to make your idea stand out and what you need to do to raise the seed capital.

Raising your first capital - Seed investment

Less than 3% of new ideas are successful in raising money. Understand what it takes and how to put your idea in front of the pack.

You've raised your first capital - what next?

You know you need a team that can add value but how do you get them? the money raised needs to be used wisely so how can you attract the best talent? Understand all of your options and use them to your advantage.

The team is on board and it's time to plan

To take your business to the next stage you will need to create achievable and creditable plans for the business, how it is going to be marketed and how it will grow. IDEA to IPO has the templates, tools and processes that will help you achieve this.

ALL businesses need more money

You’ve heard of ‘Series A’, ‘Series B’ fund raising rounds, so how do you raise the next round to scale your business? IDEA to IPO explains and guides you through the process of understanding, preparing for and dealing with sophisticated investors.

Coordinating all of your activities and plans

Now that your funding has been secured the next stage is to ensure that all of your actions, plans and objectives align. IDEA to IPO explains the steps and lays out a plan to ensure everyting is headed in the right direction.

Scaling the business

Your investors expect you to deliver which will require expanding operations, increasing revenue and maintaining profitability. They want you to succeed so that they can achieve their own financial objectives. IDEA to IPO discusses multiple methods by which you can implement this.

Everyone wants a return on their money

At the very start of your journey investors will ask you what your ‘EXIT STRATEGY’ is. Be prepared. Whether it’s a trade sale, an IPO or the investors are content to derive an ongoing dividend return everyone needs to be on the same page. 

IDEA to IPO explains what it takes to prepare for a listing on a Stock Exchange (IPO) as well as other exit options.

Everything about finance and fund raising

Guidelines, explanations, processes, tips, templates and more

How to transform an idea into a successful business

Everything about finance and raising funds

Guidelines, explanations, processes, tips, templates and more

How to transform an idea into a large successful business

Save thousands on consultants fees!

Purchase Includes:

*   Business Planning Guide & Templates

*   Marketing Plan Guide & Templates

*   Cashflow & Financial Planning Templates

*   Calculators

*   Example Documents

*   Global R&D Incentives



Kim Stewart-Smith

“An essential read well done! Kim”


Robyn Valesco

“I am studying Entrepreneurship at University and could not believe how much you have covered at a price less than a single text book.”


Kim Stewart-Smith

“An essential read well done! Kim”


Robyn Valesco

“I am studying Entrepreneurship at University and could not believe how much you have covered at a price less than a single text book.”




Straight from people who have turned ideas into billion dollar businesses ‘From Idea to IPO’ will guide you through the entire process and help you avoid the mistakes so many entrepreneurs and business owners make. All of the difficult things you face are explained in easy to understand, practical language.


Are you a founder, business owner or even a student. Ready to take your company to the next level! Then Idea to IPO is for you!

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about the author

For every 200,000 startups only 1 unicorn (a billion-dollar company) appears. Rarely does an individual have the opportunity to be involved with 2 unicorns as well as several other startups. In 2000 the author Alex Paine, founded Smartsalary now known as Smartgroup Ltd which today has a capital value in excess of $1.6 billion. In 1998 Alex was a Director of RPC and associated with the founding of RPC Plan Managers which later merged with Computershare which today is valued at more than $8 billion.

Alex was the co-creator of the idea that became the world’s first laptop computer, the Dulmont Magnum, Founder of PBI Benefit Solution Pty Ltd, a fintech company that formed a joint venture with one of Australia’s largest banks, Director of Alternative Innovation Pty Ltd, a manufacturing company that has gained Patents in the recreational fishing industry.

Co-Founder of the Financial Planning Association and the author of numerous business publications. In 2017 as CEO of IOL Technologies Pty Ltd Alex was a guest of Ernst Young at the EY Global Entrepreneur’s Conference in Rome where he had the opportunity of meeting with 600 global CEOs and Government officials from numerous countries. Also, in 2017 he received the Big Data Innovation Award for IOL Technologies work in visible light communications.


“Idea to IPO is a living document that will be updated as new information arises and new articles and segments added to the publication. As a purchaser of Idea to IPO you will be provided free updates. You will receive an email notification regarding any new or revised content, and you will be able to download the revised publication at no cost”