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Startups have to use every dollar wisely and, more often than not, cannot afford consultants or advisors to work with them.

Unicorn Insights was created as a practical reference point to provide Founders, CEOs, startups, students and growing businesses with articles, information, insights and commentary on the process involved and the knowledge required to build a successful business. Its aim is to save you thousands of dollars in consulting and advisor fees and, most importantly, to help you avoid the pitfalls by learning from the mistakes of others.


Alex Paine BSc., DFP


In 2013 in the world of finance, venture capitalist Aileen Lee called new companies valued at over one billion dollars unicorns. To build a billion-dollar company from scratch is an incredibly difficult feat. Only 0.05% of startups succeed in raising venture capital.

In 2018 year, CB Insights reported that the odds of becoming a unicorn was less than 1 percent for companies that had raised venture capital. For every 200,000 startups only 1 unicorn appears.

Rarely does an individual have the opportunity to be involved with 2 unicorns as well as several other startups.

In 2000 the author of this publication “Idea to IPO”, Alex Paine, founded Smartsalary now known as Smartgroup Ltd which today has a capital value in excess of $1.6 billion. In 1998 Alex was a Director of RPC and associated with the founding of RPC Plan Managers which later merged with Computershare which today has a capital value of more than $8 billion.

Alex was the co-creator of the idea that became the world’s first laptop computer, the Dulmont Magnum, Founder of PBI Benefit Solution Pty Ltd, a fintech company that formed a joint venture with one of Australia’s largest banks, Director of Alternative Innovation Pty Ltd, a manufacturing company that has gained Patents in the recreational fishing industry, Co-Founder of The Virtual Conference Network Pty Ltd, Co-Founder of the Financial Planning Association and the author of numerous business publications.

In 2017 as CEO of IOL Technologies Pty Ltd Alex was a guest of Ernst Young at the EY Global Entrepreneur’s Conference in Rome where he had the opportunity of meeting with 600 global CEOs and Government officials from numerous countries. Also, in 2017 he received the Big Data Innovation Award for IOL Technologies work in visible light communications.

The experiences gained in this journey has led to the creation of “Idea to IPO” and its associated templates and tools for the benefit of everyone that wants to build a successful business and to be able to decide where and when they need assistance.T